King Lamoth was the ruler of the city of Chessagol (later called Tsurlagol) in the Vast in the 7th century DR.[1]


Around the early 7th century DR, Chessagol recently came under the rule of King Lamoth and his newly royal family, though they were not considered legitimate. Lamoth sought to bolster the legitimacy of his line by marrying his children to the royal families of Cormyr, Milvarn, Westgate, and others around the Inner Sea, often by sending them to visit their royal courts.

Lamoth's Royal Constabulary discovered the notorious pirate Urthag the Knife carousing in Chessagol and tried to arrest him. He escaped, but not before losing the sword Galathos, a magic blade that turned out to have been forged in the ancient empire of Raumathar and lost during its fall. Galathos was given to King Lamoth.

Finally, Lamoth successfully arranged a marriage between his daughter Elthia and Prince Bellodar III of Impiltur. Bellodar became king of Impiltur, and Elthia queen, in the Year of Sifting Sands, 642 DR. Galathos was part of Elthia's dowry, and eventually became the traditional sword of the princes of Impiltur.[1]

Associates & ActivitiesEdit

King Lamoth was famous for his enormous family, with six daughters and eight sons, and for always attempting to marry them off to other, older royal families. Among these was Princess Elthia, who married Bellodar III of Impiltur and later became its queen.[1]


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