Prince Lamruil Moonflower was the youngest son of the late King Zaor Moonflower and Queen Amlaruil Moonflower. He was the current bearer of the King's Blade, the most powerful elven moonblade and heir apparent to the throne of Evermeet.[citation needed]

Description[edit | edit source]

He was strikingly handsome, even for an elf. He had the eyes of a Moonflower—deep, bright blue flecked with golden lights—and possessed his father's great height and muscular form, topping six feet.[2]

History[edit | edit source]

Prince Lamruil with his human bride Maura.

He traveled with Kymil Nimesin in looking for the lost Moonflower children. Under Kymil, he studied the arts of swordcraft, though he often showed more interest in drinking and wenching.[3]

Lamruil, despite his early habits, successfully drew the King's Sword.[4] He then undertook the task of planting the Tree of Souls given to by Queen Amlaruil on the mainland. Once planted, it would create a gradually enlarging sphere protected by ancient High Magic, and thus establish a new elven kingdom, a new haven for the elven people.[citation needed]

Prince Lamruil, along with his human bride Maura and a widely varied group of elven adventurers, set out to find a foothold in the most remote, inaccessible, and forbidding lands of northernmost Faerûn.[5] [6][note 1]

In 1380 DR, the high mage Araevin Teshurr visited Auseriel. There he met and befriends Prince Lamruil. They both left Auseriel in search of the missing Princess Maura, set on the trail by the mysterious prophecy revealed by Araevin's magic.[7]

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  1. According to information from author Elaine Cunningham, presented at Candlekeep, "He has chosen a hidden valley far to the north, a place surrounded by incredibly inhospitable terrain."

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