Lanaxis was a titan of great size and strength and the origin of the titan race. He and Othea claimed the vast cold plains of Faerûn, where Lanaxis constructed the citadel of Voninheim.[1]


Lanaxis was the son of Annam All-Father and Othea.[1]


The Titan of Twilight

Lanaxis rips a tower from Wynn Castle to kidnap Brianna Burdun and her child, from the cover of the novel The Titan of Twilight.

When Ulutiu's amulet began to freeze northern Faerûn, Lanaxis's citadel of Voninheim was put under threat, but Othea, his mother, forbade him to go after it. He immediately summoned his siblings and planned to go after the amulet anyway, but Dunmore refused to help. Lanaxis changed his plan, attempting to poison Othea, and inadvertently poisoned all of his siblings too, except Dunmore and Arno and Julian. Before Othea succumbed to the poison, she cursed Lanaxis to lose his immortality if he ever left her shadow. The sons of Lanaxis, the titans, fled to the plane of Arborea. The fate of Lanaxis was for a long time unkown.[2]

After the War of the Hart, an apparition of unknown identity, called the Twilight Spirit began appearing in Twilight Vale once a year, attracting a pilgrimage of giants who believe it to speak a prophecy concerning the return of Annam All-Father to Abeir-Toril. It appeared as a large shadowy figure.[3] Notably, the stormazîn Xephras did not believe this prophecy was true.[4]

Ultimately, the Twilight Spirit was revealed to have been Lanaxis all along.[citation needed]




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