Lance of faith, also known as searing light, is a sun domain prayer used by many clerics, particularly devoted clerics. Focusing holy power like a ray of the sun, a cleric casting lance of faith projects a blast of light from their implement or open palm towards a target within twenty-five feet, searing them with painful rays of divine brilliance. Additionally, one ally of the cleric visible becomes more likely to strike true in their next attack. The power of lance of faith increases as the cleric grows more powerful and can be used at any time. Otherwise, the strength of lance of faith is proportional to the wisdom and clarity of thought that the cleric casting it is capable of.

Before the Spellplague, lance of faith was more commonly called searing light and was more difficult to learn. The prayer also had a greater range of about fifty feet, and no side effect on an ally.[2] Otherwise, however, the effects were much the same.