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Ride a magic carpet to the land of a thousand and one adventures! Visit spired cities, lush oases, and mysterious isles set in glittering seas. Meet sultans and sheikhs. See genies and giants. Discover a trove of new magical treasures! Whether your character starts from the compatible FORGOTTEN REALMS game setting or begins the journey elsewhere, this box contains everything a bold adventurer needs to explore the exotic AL-QADIM campaign world.


  • 2 guidebooks totaling 192 pages
  • 12 full-color reference cards
  • 8 Monstrous Compendium sheets
  • 3 full-color poster maps
  • 1 clear map overlay for measuring distance

The boxed set contains a 128-page book entitled Adventurer's Guide to Zakhara which is for players and DMs alike and gives a general overview of the continent, its cities, inhabitants and customs. The second book is 64 pages and is entitled Fortunes and Fates and contains information on running an Al-Qadim campaign, intended for the DM.


Allena al-AjamiAman al-Qasi abu NariBeggar CaliphBuladFadahl al-ArajFadela bint NadiaHarayah al-MabhumHatit Abd al-WajibMouli al-AjamiMungu al-RistatNadia umm FadelaRagi al-MakruhRimaq al-NimarRiqqiyahSamia al-Sa'idShorozTannous al-AssadYahun al-HattabYusef
City Guard Units
City Guard (Ajayib)City Guard (Gana)City Guard (Jumlat)City Guard (Mahabba)City Guard (Qudra)City Guard (Utaqa)
House of AsadHouse BakrHouse of Dhi'bHouse of DubbHouse of HanifHouse of HotekHouse of NasrHouse of SihrHouse of TayifHouse of ThawrHouse of Uqab
AfyalAl-HadharDihlizGenies' AnvilGreat Mosque of SelanHaunted LandsHigh DesertHiyalHuzuzKadarastoMedina al-AfyalPearl CitiesQudraRog'ostoRuined Kingdoms
arrow of slayingcursed javelincutlass of the Golden Gulfdagger of the Evil Eyedagger of quicknessdesert blademace of speedmamluk sword of obediencerazor of truthspear of accuracysword of the believer
armor of commandarmor of concealed wizardryarmor of the desert eveningarmor of swimmingshield of the holytortoise shield
potion of dreamingpotion of giant controloil of cloakingoil of great devotionoil of horridnessoil of invisibilityoil of invulnerabilityoil of obedienceoil of romanceoil of the pickpocketphilter of drunkenness
protection from airprotection from divinationprotection from earthprotection against geniesprotection from heatprotection from lycanthropes



  1. Canon material does not provide dating for the Al-Qadim campaign setting. For the purposes of this wiki only, the current date for Al-Qadim products is assumed to be 1367 DR.

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