The Land of One Hundred and Thirteen was a pocket dimension carved out of Fury's Heart by Marek Rymüt, a Red Wizard of Thay in the Year of Maidens, 1361 DR. Marek gave it this name because it took 113 days to pacify it and make is usable.[1]


The terrain of the pocket dimension resembled a typical subtropical area of Toril. However, the shapes it formed were more angular and the rivers appeared to work in straight lines and right angles. [1]


Marek had formerly been using an area underneath the city of Innarlith to raise the mutant offspring of the black dragon Insithryllax and female firedrakes, which he called "Black firedrakes". However, he was having trouble getting enough food to feed them,[2] and some of the black firedrakes found a way out of the nursery and into the city itself, creating havoc and mayhem.[3]

Marek carved out the pocket dimension and pacified it, before teleporting the black firedrakes to the Land of One Hundred and Thirteen, where they feasted on the local fauna, including huge worms that Marek called "Fury's Grubs". Insithryllax also came to the pocket dimension and helped Marek with his plans to raise the drakes.[1]

Marek grew and developed his army of black firedrakes within the pocket dimension. He also built a keep there for himself. In 1365 DR, he brought Senator Salatis to the pocket dimension and showed him his army of black firedrakes. Marek made deal with Salatis in the pocket dimension, that he would give him the firedrakes in order to help him take power in Innarlith and in exchange, Salatis would do whatever Marek asked him to do. Salatis thus became a puppet of the Red Wizard. Marek then followed through on his side of the deal and gave Salatis use of the drakes while Salatis launched a coup in Innarlith that secured power for himself as the new Ransar.


A lake in this pocket dimension held demonic giant eel–like fish that created electricity with their bodies that ate the black firedrakes when they came too close. Marek took interest in these after Insithryllax pointed them out to him and tamed them. He later transported two of them to the harbor in Innarlith in order to attack a Shou merchant named Ran Ai Yu who had refused his offer to magically teleport her boat back to Shou Lung. These fish were killed by the merchant and some of her friends.[3]

A kind of fat giant worm was commonly found in the landscape and had become a favourite food to the black firedrakes after they were moved there. Marek named them 'Fury's Grubs'. [1]



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