Landon Bhentyl was a male inhabitant of the city of Wheloon in Cormyr. He was a former member of the War Wizards and proprietor of Wheloon Tack & Leather.[1][2]


Landon was once a member of the War Wizards of Cormyr until he almost died of poisoned wounds. He retired from the War Wizards, and went on to run Wheloon Tack & Leather, selling leather products.[1]


It was a point of pride that he always kept everything in stock so a customer was never left needy.

He remained a staunch defender of law and order. To guard his store against thieves, Landon kept a set of wands handy in his belt. But instead of drawing his wand of magic missile or paralyzation, he often accidentally produced his wand of wonder. The ensuing chaos earned him the nickname "Wonderwand".

Landon Bhentyl also wore boots of levitation, and avoided dangerous foes by levitating into the air, where he cast spells or used his wands in safety. He experienced in their use and able to maintain his balance with ease.[1]


By 1369 DR, he was an elderly man with a white beard and a limp.[1]


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