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Landswith Meilin was a female half-elf warrior-priest of Tyr the Just and an adventuring knight of the realm of Ulgarth in southeast Faerûn around 1367 DR.[1]


Landswith Meilin was the quintessential knight in shining armor—she wandered the kingdom in search of noble quests she could undertake, good deeds to do, and wrongs to right.[1]


In her time, Landswith had journeyed far to the south, beyond the borders of Ulgarth and into the Utter East, lands she came to know better than anyone else in her kingdom.[1]

She fought the Horde barbarians of the east in their most recent big raid on Kaspar by 1367 DR.[1]

In 1367 DR, she made her way north to Suormpar, expecting to fight in the coming war against the gray orcs of the Dustwall Mountains.[1]


Landswith was atypical in her profession as, in Ulgarth, very few women of the kingdom and fewer half-elves became knights, and she was both.[1]

She was also perhaps the only Ulgarthan knight to wear full plate mail armor,[1] in a hot and humid climate that would make this unbearable to the point of being lethal.[2]

Landswith had no desire to receive the kind of concern and chivalry that other Ulgarthan knights had to show to females, hence why she wore armor that completely concealed her gender. Instead, she showed chivalry to all she encountered, except for the wicked.[1]


Landswith wielded a +1 bastard sword two-handed.[1]


Landswith commanded the divine spells of a priestess of Tyr.[1]