The Lantanna were the native human race of the islands of the nation of Lantan.[1]


The Lantanna were one of the more recognizable human ethnic groups with their copper-red hair, large, green eyes, and pale, parchment-hued skin tones. They were rarely seen outside of their three native islands, except as merchants on trading vessels.[1] The Lantanna were shorter than other human ethnicities.[2]


The Lantanna spoke their own language. Strangely, they used the Draconic alphabet to write. Scholars speculated that they borrowed this script from Halruaan or Nimbrali traders of the past.[1] When speaking Common, they tended to speak quickly and melodically with a thick accent that others called "human elvish".[3]


Most Lantanna venerated Gond and believed that he entered the Faerûnian pantheon from their people.[1]




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