The Lantern Inn and Boathouse, previously the Lanthorn Inn and the Lantern Inn and Boat Rental, was an inn located in the city of Wheloon in Cormyr. Its proprietor was Staephon Gylesman, who also rented small boats and barges to guests.[1][2][3]


The Lanthorn Inn, as it was known, was in business by 1358 DR.[2] It was still in business in 1369 DR, when it was called the Lantern Inn and Boat Rental.[1] By 1374 DR, it was called the Lantern Inn and Boathouse.[3]


The Lantern Inn and Boathouse lay at the eastern end of the Wyvern Ferry over the Wyvernflow River, opposite its rival, the Wyvern Watch Inn.[1]


The Lantern Inn and Boathouse was a nearly typical roadhouse. Though not a bad inn, it was a little too expensive for what it offered, and much more so than the Wyvern Watch Inn. Thus, most patrons went to the Wyvern first, and those who missed out grudgingly crossed the river to try the Lantern.

However, large traveling groups preferred the Lantern because it offered them large suites of rooms, with their own hearths, private dining rooms, and a baths. These suites could also be barred from within. Such bookings could get costly.[1][3]

Proprietor Staephon Gylesman's more profitable service was, in fact, renting small boats and barges to patrons. These could be made available at any hour, without fuss, delay, or being seen.[2][1][3]


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