The Lapal Way was a road running through Lapaliiya in southwest Faerûn in the 14th century DR, broadly following the coast of the Shining Sea.[1][2][3] It was a vital road for the realm.[4]

From west to east, it linked Sammaresh, Malaxer, Abreon, Uzurr, Lhazantal, Zashuma, Ithmong, Mierskar, Lushpool, and Sheirlantar.[1][2][3]

Before Shierlantar, the road crossed the River Talar at the Mouth of Istishia, a natural arch used as a bridge. Named for the goddess, it was wide enough for three carts to cross at the same time. Small towers stood at each end, garrisoned with well-armed soldiers to guarantee safe passage.[4]