Lapendrar was a tharch that encompassed the southwestern region of Thay, from the base of the Second Escarpment atop the Thayan Plateau, down along the River Lapendrar beyond the First Escarpment to where the river opened into the Alamber Sea.[3]


Prior to the Salamander War, the tharch of Lapendrar was an invaluable region of Thay.[1]

In 1357 DR, Hargrid Tenslayer, the Theskan tharchion of Lapendrar joined forces with the zulkirs Aznar Thrul and Nevron of the nation's ruling Red Wizards, in an attempt to conquer the coastal cities located along the shores of the Alamber Sea. They reached out to beings from the Elemental Plane of Fire to aid in their invasion,[4] and opened the permanent portal of Fire within the Kossuthan temple in Escalant.[5] The resulting conflict was catastrophic to Priador and devastated some of the region's cities.[4][6] While they gained control over some cities in the lands south of the plateau, ceasing the destruction of the salamander armies required the intervention of the lich Szass Tam, and an appeal to the god of fire, Kossuth.[7]

When the neighboring tharch Priador was formed under the rule of Tharchion Nymia Focar of Bezantur, Lapendrar began to wane in significance.[1] During these years in the late 14th century DR, Priador was ruled by Hezass Nymar, Eternal Flame of Kossuth.[1]

When the War of the Zulkirs broke out in 1375 DR, Lapendrar was under the control of Szass Tam and his allied forces.[8] However, Tharchion Nymar switched sides a number of times during the conflict,[9] and was magically crystallized when the Spellplague struck in 1385 DR.[10]

Notable LocationsEdit

  • Amruthar: This formerly "independent" city was controlled by a Thayan puppet ruler for some time,[11] before being all-but destroyed during the Spellplague.[12]
  • Escalant: The sovereignty of this vast, thriving merchant's city fluctuated throughout the years, and always seemed to be reclaimed by Thayan forces.[13]
  • Laothkund: [1]
  • Lasdur:[1]
  • Taskaunt:[1]
  • Thasselen: The city of Thassellen was a part of Lapendrar until the formation of Priador in 1357.[6]
  • Tilbrand: While the elected council of this trading city offered regular tribute to the tharchion of Lapendrar, they governed themselves relatively removed from the influence of the Red Wizards.[6][14]

Geographical FeaturesEdit



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