Lapis lazuli, incorrectly called lazurite in the South, was an ornamental stone found in the Realms.[3][6]


Lapis lazuli was an opaque gem ranging in color from sky blue to dark blue, usually bespeckled with gold.[4] These ornamental stones were typically cut cabochon and polished to enhance the look of the gold flecks.[3][6] Lapis cabochons were often carved into more artistic shapes, such as griffons, scarabs, or unicorns. The deep blue specimens were the most in demand and commanded the highest prices.[6] A typical stone had a base value of 10 gp.[3][2][4]


A lapis gemstone could be used as substitute for a ruby in the making of a periapt of health.[6] Lapis lazuli was also crushed and used as an ingredient in making potions of heroism and super-heroism.[3][6]



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