Laraelra Harsard was a human sorceress with minor magical powers.[4] As of 1479 DR, she was the Blackstaff's Heir under Vajra Safahr.[5]


Laraelra was very thin, pale, and had long black hair.[6]


Laraela was an idealist who cared deeply for Waterdeep and its inhabitants. She championed the causes of underdogs, including dwarves in the Cellarers' and Plumbers' guild who were discriminated against.[7] Despite her independence, however, she was insecure and feared her father's disapproval.[8]


In 1479 DR, while exploring the sewers with her hired bodyguard Meloon Wardragon, Laraelra heard a woman's screams. She was able to track the source to a house owned by Renaer Neverember. Laraelra, Meloon, Renaer, and two of his friends rescued the woman, who turned out to be the Blackstaff's Heir, Vajra Safahr, who had been kidnapped after the secret murder of Blackstaff Samark Dhanzscul. Laraelra and friends were forced to leave Waterdeep for a short time after Khondar "Ten-Rings" Naomal framed the group for Vajra's supposed murder. They returned to Waterdeep and Blackstaff Tower, where Vajra officially assumed the title of Blackstaff. Laraelra was accepted by the tower and made Blackstaff's Heir (chosen by Vajra over Eiruk Weskur), allowing her to carry and wield a Blackstaff and channel Vajra's power through it.[6]


Laraelra was the daughter of the guildmaster of the Cellarers' & Plumbers' Guild, Malaerigo Harsard.[9] As such, she had detailed knowledge of the sewers and tunnels underneath Waterdeep.[6]




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