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Larajin was a half-elf servant of the Uskevren family of Selgaunt during the 14th century DR.[3].


Despite her elven heritage, Larajin had rounded ears and closely resembled a full-blood human. She had pale hazel eyes and vivid, red-orange hair. She had a particularly athletic physique.[2]

Larajin was polite and intelligent but her outspoken manner sometimes clashed with her role as a house servant. While she had no malicious intent, she had a remarkable habit of always speaking her mind. Her naive honesty left her a bit at a loss when it came to the complex nuances of etiquette within the Sembian mercantile class and families of the Old Chauncel.[2]

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Growing up as a servant girl, Larajin had no friends save for the youngest child of House Uskevren, Talbot.[2]

Larajin had a tressym pet named Goldheart who acted as her companion. She found it injured in the Hunting Garden of the Hulorn of Selgaunt and mended its broken wing.[3][2]


Larajin was a cleric of two goddesses; one human, one elven, a reflection of her half-elven nature. She worshiped both Sune and Hanali Celanil and received her divine magic from each of the two goddesses. When she cast spells by Hanali, the scent of fragrant flowers surrounded Larajin; when she cast spells bestowed upon her by Sune, her hands shone with a distinct red radiance.[2][3].


Larajin and her pet tressym, Goldheart.

Larajin was born to Trisdea, a wild elf of the Tangled Trees, and Thamalon Uskevren, a powerful patriarch of the noble House Uskevren. Despite his obligations to his family in Sembia, Thamalon returned to Trisdea shortly after Larajin's birth and discovered that Trisdea had died while in labor.[2]

Wanting to keep Larajin in his care, against the will of the elves, he returned her to Stormweather Towers and passed the infant off as the child of one of his servants, Shonri Wellrun, who had recently borne a stillborn babe. Not even Shonri's husband, Thalit, was aware of the ruse. The elves of the Tangled Trees were vehemently opposed to the removal of the infant Larajin. According to their beliefs, hers was a special birth and the young half-elf was destined for greatness.[2]

She grew up with no awareness of her true heritage and fully believed Shonri and Thalit to be her parents. Larajin spent all her youth training as a servant and worked for the Uskevren family well into her 20s.[2]

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