Laris was a merchant and the proprietor of Laris's Curios within the city of Hillsfar during the mid–14th century DR. He dealt in art, gems, and all sorts of curios.[2][3]


He was known for being a particularly rude and all-around unpleasant man.[3]


Shortly after the Thayan enclave was established in Hillsfar in 1371 DR, Laris reportedly greatly offended either the Red Plumes or Maalthiir himself in some manner, and was thrown into the city's arena. The behir he faced proved to be quite the deadly opponent.[3]


Laris used his ring of golem control to command a pair of stone golems that guarded his shop.[1]



  1. While Laris's race wasn't explicitly stated, Mysteries of the Moonsea says that Hillsfar was an exclusively human city-state as of 1371 DR.


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