Laspeera Inthré (sometimes informally called Speera, Mother, and Mother Laspeera[4]) was a human female and warden of the War Wizards of Cormyr.[5]


Born Laspeera Naerinth, she was married to Aundable Inthré, a fellow War Wizard of Cormyr. They both served the War Wizards under Vangerdahast[2] and she was later named second-in-command of that group under the leadership of Caladnei.[3]

Laspeera also owned a school for girls known as the House of Grace and was granted lands in Cormyr by King Azoun IV[3].

When Caladnei became leader of the War Wizards, her discomfort with official matters quickly became clear so Laspeera offered to take on most of her duties for her. This led to Laspeera becoming the fourth most powerful individual in Cormyr for twelve years, only answering to the regent, the queen and Caladnei[3].

She once shocked the entire Council of Mages during a meeting by going into labor. At the time no one in court even suspected she was pregnant as she had concealed the fact with magic.[3]


Although beautiful, at the time Laspeera became Warden, her mouth was beginning to show lines at its edges. She wore clear crystal spectacles held in front of her eyes by magic[5] and had a sharp nose[4].


As previously mentioned, Laspeera was married to Aundable Inthré and together, they had a daughter, Alazne[3]. Laspeera was a daughter of Elminster[1] and therefore half-sister to Filfaeril Obarskyr and Narnra Shalace.



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