Lastraeya Indomurr was a human woman of Chessenta who moved to the city of Ravens Bluff in the Vast. In the mid–14th century DR, she held the civic official position of the Regent of City Works and the heraldic office of The Ravencoat.


Lastraeya Indomurr hailed from Chessenta before relocating to Ravens Bluff in the Vast. She was once a tavern dancer before she worked in Ravens Bluff's Regency of City Works, in quite a low-ranking and little-known position by 1370 DR.

This changed when the then-current Regent of City Works, Bundrigo Dalastarra, was murdered in the summer of the Year of the Tankard, 1370 DR. Scandal erupted as Bundrigo's crimes were uncovered—he had operated a huge and well-oiled system of bribery, kickbacks, and informers, the greatest ever known in Ravens Bluff. He paid his hardworking officials well, though some believed the money ultimately came from pirates. Lord Chancellor Arvin Kothonos had a difficult time finding anyone in the Regency with any experience who wasn't tainted by Bundrigo's web of corruption.

At last, Kothonos discovered Lastraeya Indomurr, finding her highly capable and free of corruption, and appointed her as Acting Regent. Lastraeya quickly proved herself, overhauled the Regency, and left not even a whiff of corruption. She so impressed Lord Chancellor Kothonos and Lady Mayor Amber Lynn Thoden that they confirmed her appointment later in 1370 DR.


As Regent, Lastraeya was entirely fair-minded and honest, and supremely capable, hardworking, and swift. She was apparently the most industrious person in Ravens Bluff, and it was said her tongue never slept.


Lastraeya had dusky-hued skin.[1]


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