A Darkened Wish #2 by B. Dave Walters with art by Tess Fowler is the second of a new five-issue comic series published by IDW Publishing. It will be released on July 24th, and is set around the Sea of Swords, following the adventures of the young wizard Helene and friends.
Enter Hoondarrh: the Red Rage of Mintarn; the Sleeping Wyrm of Skadaurak; a red dragon of legendary size, cunning, and strength. None shall prevail against his might.
D&D Essentials Kit cover
The D&D Essentials Kit received a limited release on June 24th, 2019. This boxed set is intended as an introduction to D&D for newer players, and contains a basic ruleset, a dice set, and a map of the Sword Coast. Also included is the adventure "Dragon of Icespire Peak," which ties into the introductory adventure in the earlier D&D Starter Set. The Essentials Kit will be available everywhere on September 3rd.
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