Lateu'quor, the Forest Communion of the Crescent Moon, was a religious ceremony in which the elven deity Corellon was praised by his followers and his gift of creativity honored. It was held once per lunar month, when the moon was in its quarter phase, a crescent, and softly illuminating the night sky.[1]


Followers of Corellon gathered in moonlit glades, where they praised their Creator through music, song, and dance and offerings of beautiful artwork. The art was not destroyed; sometimes it was physically transferred to Arvandor for elves to enjoy in the afterlife, while other times it was used to decorate Corellon's temples and shrines for elves to enjoy in life.[1]

On rare and special occasions, Corellon himself would play a role, and the very landscape of the glade was reshaped into a work of art, becoming sacred to the god. Other times, his magic would form an item of unearthly beauty, such as a sword, longbow, cloak and boots, a suit of elven mail armor, or a musical instrument. These treasures were then enchanted by senior priests of the faith, and were considered holy relics.[1]



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