Lathander's Light was the local temple to the Morninglord in Dagger Falls.[3][1]


Situated within the walls on the east side of town this solid stone building faced the rising sun.[4][1][5]



Lathander's Light was a square and solid stone building with a tiled roof. Even after it reconstruction in 1369 DR, however, it still retained a number of scorch marks from the fire that destroyed it in 1359 DR.[4]


Although spartanly appointed, the halls were lit with a rose-red network of continual flame spells cast by the clergy.[4]Before it burnt down, the temple was known for its bubbling marble fountain that many families used for cooking or drinking water. Beneath the temple lay cellars and the crypts.[6]


Before the destruction of the temple in 1359 DR, Lathander's Light created its own wine, dubbed Lathander's red.[7] The temple provided healing potions at a high price to help raise funds.[2] In addition, it was particulary active in sponsering stalls and trader in the market of Dagger Falls. Even going so far as to establish a mounted escort group of merchants called the Morning Shields.[4]


In 1359 DR, the temple was burnt down by Eragyn the Dark, burning a dozen priests in their beds. An event that the locals at the time blamed on the Zhentarim and Constable Tren Noemfor. In the wake of the conflagration, a magical torc that radiated light, and supposedly able to dispel areas of magical darkness, went missing from the temple.[8][9]

At some point in 1369 DR, after Randal Morn reclaimed Dagger Falls, the temple was rebuilt and began attracting priests of Lathander from around the Inner Sea under the stewardship of Harndarr Oryn.[4][2]

By 1372 DR, the priests of Lathander's Light determined through divination magic that the missing torc may have been near Eagles' Eyrie. However due to the delicate politics surrounding the Brightblade dwarves and the folk of Dagger Falls, Randal Morn only suggested the job to those he or the Church of Lathander considered trustworthy.[8]

Despite the revelation that Lathander was actually Amaunator in 1385 DR, the temple kept its traditional name.[10][11]

By 1480 DR, Dareen Travaskyr had becomne the ranking priestess of the temple and used her notoriety and the temple's riches to recruit adventurers throughout the dale.

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