Latherl's Lantern was a small fishing village on the Sword Coast at the mouth of the Winding Water. It was close to Warlock's Crypt.[1].


Roughly 300 years ago, a pirate named Lathtarl crashed ashore here while fleeing the navy of Evermeet. With his ship destroyed, crew much reduced, and himself crippled, he improvised a plan to crash other unsuspecting vessels against the rocky shore. Word quickly spread among other pirates and slavers that this was a safe harbor.[1]

The pirates eventually stopped crashing ships there after threats from merchants and the Lords of Waterdeep.[1]


There were rumors of two dead kings who perished at the marsh at the mouth of the Winding Water: a rebel lord from Tethyr named Ring Tredarath and Beverdaur of Cortryn.[1]

Notable LocationsEdit

Taverns and Inns



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