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The Laughing Goblin Inn was not necessarily Phlan's fanciest inn, but the inn was definitely Phlan's busiest.[1]


One busy night in 1340 DR[3], Ren o' the Blade challenged three female human fighters to lift and carry a serving tray from their table to the bar, but the tray turned out to be an old heavy shield and the ranger tricked Salen, Jensena, and Gwen out of a bagful of gold.[4] Later, Ren stopped working at the Laughing Goblin Inn when he was sent to Sokol Keep on Thorn Island out in the Bay of Phlan with his friends, Shal Bal of Cormyr and Tarl Desanea of Vaasa.[5]


The inn was located in the city of Phlan, which was on the northwestern coast of the Moonsea. The inn was located in the heart of the town in the civilized portion that was not over run by evil humanoid monsters like kobolds, goblins, and orcs.[6]


Outside the inn, a stable was located to cover travelers' horses and above the stable was a loft used by Ren, the barkeeper.[7]


The double doors entered into the great room of the tavern. The room had a bar, many round tables, a pantry for storage, a doorway to the kitchen, and stairs leading upwards to the rooms above the tavern. Many patrons believe the inn offered safe, if a bit overpriced, lodging.[8] At one end of the tavern, a great round slab from a gigantic pine hung on the wall which was used for knife/dagger throwing contests.[9]


Ren o' the Blade
The barkeeper at the inn.[10]
Innkeeper of the establishment known for his pork and cabbage soup.[2]