The Laughing Hollow was a preternatural valley found in the Delimbiyr Vale region of the Savage Frontier. It was a realm of fey creatures and wild elves.[1]


It was located upriver from Daggerford in the western stretch of the Vale.[1]


The dense trees and shade from the nearby elevations created a near-continuous atmosphere that resembled a day's twilight.[1]


Within the Laughing Hollow were a number of welcoming glades and small pools of water.[1]


The region of the hollow was once quarry land used by the dwarves during the time of the Fallen Kingdom.[1]

Rumors & LegendsEdit

Rumors stated that there was a hidden passageway beneath the the Laughing Hollow. It was said that it led to an ancient, underground dwarfhold full of treasure.[1]


As of the mid–14th century DR, the forests of the hollow were inhabited by a band of wild elves. They were led by an individual known as the King of the Woods.[1]



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