Lady Lauren DeVillars was an influential noble in Ravens Bluff, and a retired member of the Cleric Circle[1] from ? – ?


(The "current year" for the people and events in Gateway to Ravens Bluff, the Living City is just before the Time of Troubles, approximately 1356 -- 1357 DR.)

Lady Lauren stood 5'9" tall and weighed 135 pounds. She had fine-boned features and wore elegant clothing made from costly fabrics in the latest styles. Her clothing and jewelry were decorated with symbols of the goddess Waukeen. She was seldom seen in public but her appearances were always an event to the local populace. Her retinue consisted of a few servants and at least one scribe to take notes.


A force to be reckoned with, Lady Lauren was the head of the oldest and wealthiest family in Ravens Bluff and regarded the entire city as her personal fief, but generally supported the Lord Mayor and worked with the government to improve her city. She was philanthropic, sponsoring many civic projects, and she paid for and equipped units of the city's military and naval forces.


The DeVillars family had lived in the Ravens Bluff area for more than ten generations and had been devoted to the service of Waukeen, the goddess of trade and money. They had a large fortune and many business interests in the city, so Lady Lauren was represented, either directly or indirectly, in most of the city's guilds. She sponsored the Champion's Games and supported the winner, Charles Oliver O'Kane, as the new Lord Mayor. Her aid and wisdom were crucial to his early success at organizing the city government. Examples of her philanthropy were evident throughout the city in temples, sculpture, fountains, and public buildings. Her staff kept her informed of all events in Ravens Bluff, she was dedicated to the safety and prosperity of her city, and she usually got her way. On the rare occasion she was displeased with city policy, she either remained silent or publicly endorsed the policy while working behind the scenes to change it.

Lady Lauren was the only member of the DeVillars family living permanently in Ravens Bluff. Her two daughters, Bethany and Chantel, were acolytes at the temple of Waukeen in Procampur. She wanted them to become independent and successful without her wealth and position to aid them.


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