Laviguer was a mining town in the kingdom of Impiltur in northeast Faerûn.[3]


It lay in the Uplands of northwestern Impiltur, at the foot of the Earthspur Mountains, at the end of the Prince's Road.[3]


Laviguer was a hub for the mining industry in the Earthspur Mountains, working in competition with the neighboring town of Vordric Dun. The mining trade here was very profitable for the kingdom. However, they were rough and rowdy places.[3]


Laviguer was full of hard-working, hard-living, and hard-drinking men and women who worked the mines.[3]


War-Captain Haelimbrar, one of the Council of Lords, was based in Laviguer. He was charged with securing the northern and western borders of the realm, but was often away on secret missions.[1][2]

Law & OrderEdit

The Warswords of Impiltur, and through them the Council of Lords, policed Laviguer heavily, with crackdowns on criminal activity and regularly placing it under "daggerbond", a martial law that forbade the open wearing of weapons within the town. They were flexible with the miners, though, owing to the riches they brought to the realm.[3]

Notable inhabitantsEdit

Around 1374 DR, one "Sarshel of Laviguer" was in fact the young King Imbrar II living in deep cover to avoid assassins prior to his coronation,[4] under the protection of the Order of the Bladewright.[5]


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