Leanan sidhe were rare fey creatures that inspired artists of all kinds to make masterpieces.[1]


Leanan sidhe, both male and female, were always attractive and vibrant beings full of life. Only other fey could see their natural forms; leanan sidhe were natural shapechangers who altered their form to best suit whichever mortal they were interested in.[1]


Leanan sidhe were fey, neither good nor evil, or even chaotic or lawful. They acted according to their nature.[1]


Besides their ability to inspire mortals, and what the loss of that gift caused, leanan sidhe had only one other magical ability, which they used to punish those who misused or wasted their inspiration. This ability, called by some sages the kiss of death, resembled a magical disease that drained away health until the victim died. Only the presence of a leanan sidhe could hold it at bay, and only a wish or miracle spell could cure it.[1]

Leanan sidhe also possessed low-light vision. They spoke both the Sylvan and Common languages, and could change their shape to that of various humanoids at will up to three times each day.[1]

Leanan sidhe did not fight except to defend themselves, and only then if no other option was available. A leanan sidhe so pressed would use a dagger.[1]


Leanan sidhe acted as muses among the faeries, and they existed to inspire mortal artists. A leanan sidhe would pick a gifted mortal artist and then spend a few days with them, inspiring him or her to create one or more masterpieces. That period of time was one of intense passion for both the fey and the artist; it was not unknown for the two to have an intimate relationship as well.[1]

However, when the leanan sidhe departed, the once-inspired mortal would fall into despair; feeling that life was hollow and losing the desire to create. It was possible for the mortal to recover, but their creativity was permanently lost.[1]

Additionally, if the mortal artist gifted by a leanan sidhe misused or wasted their creative gifts, then the faerie would turn vengeful and drain their energy, then leave the mortal to die a slow death.[1]



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