The Leather Market was a semi-annual fair held in the spring and fall seasons in Duirtanal, Semphar.[1]


Each Leather Market was held for one week at a time. During this period merchants from all over the Hordelands and eastern Faerûn gathered to examine and trade fine goods made from leather. The fabulous Duir leather was always a highlight.[1]

Prices during the Leather Market were posted daily by the Tanner's Guild of Duirtanal. These prices were based upon sales from the previous day.[1]

The Leather Market also attracted traders of wool, livestock, and edible products such as coffee. Additionally, entertainers flocked here to amuse the large crowds.[1]

Due to the mass influx of people attracted by the Leather Market, extra guards were posted to ensure that everyone behaved. The cost for the added security was billed to the Tanner's Guild.[1]



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