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Legacy of the Crystal Shard presents Icewind Dale in the time of the Sundering, a period that will define the future of the Forgotten Realms. In addition to providing 64 pages of in-depth information on the settlements of Ten Towns and their inhabitants, this product includes a harrowing 32-page adventure in which the player characters defend Icewind Dale against a rising threat with ties to the past. Legacy of the Crystal Shard allows characters to participate in important events connected to the Sundering and glimpse the future of the Forgotten Realms.


  • 64-page setting book describing Icewind Dale and its inhabitants
  • 32-page adventure book
  • Four-panel, foldout DM screen keyed to the adventure
  • Illustrated folder
Campaign Guide
  • Introduction
  • Prelude: Arrival in Bryn Shander
  • Act 1: The Drawing Down
  • Interlude
  • Act 2: Deepwinter
  • Act 3: The Claw of Winter
  • Postlude: The Melting


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Akar KessellAlden LowellAurilAvandro PerthBaerick HammerstoneBeniago KurthCrannoc SleverCreedon ConnellyDanneth WaylenDanae XotalDavrick FainDeGrootzDerrick GaffnerDorbulgruf ShalescarDreyfin AuckDuvessa ShaneEdgra DurmootGiandro HolfastHartouchen RethnorHedrun ArnsfirthHelda SilverstreamHengar AesnvaardIstevalJarund ElkhardtKendrick RielsbarrowMarek the ShankMarkham SouthwellMjenir TormhaaltMithannPavelPyrse AuliffShaelen MasthewSlimSoren ArnsfirthStokely SilverstreamVaelish Gant


Arcane BrotherhoodBregan D'aertheKnights of the UnicornShip BaramShip KurthShip RethnorShip SuljackShip TaerlTribe of the Elk


Buildings & Sites
Banrock's Mithral PotBastion of Lac DinneshereBlack Ice TowerBlackiron BladesBlue ClamBuried TreasuresCarin's CrossingCulver'sDinev's RestEwin's TrinketsFre-Tavern CenterFrozenfar ExpeditionsGeldenstag's RestGraendel's Fine Dwarven CraftHappy ScrimshanderHook, Line, and SinkerHooked KnuckleheadHouse of the TriadKelvin's ComfortLuck LiarLuskan ArmsNorthern LightNorthlookPavel's Used GoodsRamshackleRendaril's EmporiumRurden's ArmoryStonesThe EastsideThree Flags SailingTriglioTwenty Stones of ThruunUphill ClimbWet RockWet TroutWhite Lady Inn
AuckneyAurilssbargBjorn's HoldBremenBryn ShanderCaer-DinevalCaer-KonigDougan's HoleEasthavenFireshearGood MeadHundelstoneIcewolfIronmasterKelvin's CairnLonelywoodTargosTermalaine
Ten Trail
Cold RunEvermeltIce PeakLac DinneshereMaer DualdonRedwatersSea of Moving IceShaengarne River


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