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The Legend of Drizzt series reissued the many novels about Drizzt Do'Urden, re-numbered in chronological order. All the novels are by R.A. Salvatore with artwork by Todd Lockwood until The Companions. This series is the longest series of Forgotten Realms novels to date.

The Legend of Drizzt Series[]

Below is the list of all The Legend of Drizzt books in their chronological order:

From the Dark Elf trilogy[]

1. Homeland
2. Exile
3. Sojourn

From the Icewind Dale trilogy[]

4. The Crystal Shard
5. Streams of Silver
6. The Halfling's Gem

From the Legacy of the Drow series[]

7. The Legacy
8. Starless Night
9. Siege of Darkness
10. Passage to Dawn

From the Paths of Darkness series *[]

11. The Silent Blade
12. The Spine of the World
13. Servant of the Shard*
13. Sea of Swords

* Book three of this series, Servant of the Shard, was moved to the The Sellswords trilogy.

From the Hunter's Blades trilogy[]

14. The Thousand Orcs
15. The Lone Drow
16. The Two Swords

From the Transitions series[]

17. The Orc King
18. The Pirate King
19. The Ghost King

From the Neverwinter Saga[]

20. Gauntlgrym
21. Neverwinter
22. Charon's Claw
23. The Last Threshold

From The Sundering[]

24. The Companions

From the Companion's Codex[]

25. Night of the Hunter
26. Rise of the King
27. Vengeance of the Iron Dwarf

From the Homecoming series[]

28. Archmage
29. Maestro
30. Hero

From the Generations series[]

31. Timeless
32. Boundless
33. Relentless

From the Way of the Drow series[]

34. Starlight Enclave


An anthology of stories by R.A. Salvatore related to the Legend of Drizzt setting was released, as well as its audiobook version.


A number of comics are included in the Legend of Drizzt setting, although they are not officially listed as part of the series.

Additionally, the first eight novels of the Legend of Drizzt have been remade as graphic novels.

  1. The Legend of Drizzt: Homeland
  2. The Legend of Drizzt: Exile
  3. The Legend of Drizzt: Sojourn
  4. The Legend of Drizzt: The Crystal Shard
  5. The Legend of Drizzt: Streams of Silver
  6. The Legend of Drizzt: The Halfling's Gem
  7. The Legend of Drizzt: The Legacy
  8. The Legend of Drizzt: Starless Night

The Legend of Drizzt graphic novels have also been published as omnibuses:

  1. The Legend of Drizzt: Omnibus Volume 1 (covering The Dark Elf Trilogy)
  2. The Legend of Drizzt: Omnibus Volume 2 (covering The Icewind Dale Trilogy)