Legends of Baldur's Gate 1: Tyranny of Dragons is a comic published by IDW Publishing set in the Forgotten Realms. It is a part of the Tyranny of Dragons storyline. It is written by Jim Zub, drawn by Max Dunbar, and edited by John Barber.

Generations have passed since the original heroes of Baldur’s Gate saved the city and the Realms. Now a new threat rises—and an unlikely group of misfits are thrust into adventure with Minsc, the legendary Ranger do-gooder with a heart of gold, brain of lead, and hamster of pronounced wisdom. If you’re a long-time D&D fan, we think you’ll find the return of fan-favorite characters Minsc and Boo a thrilling addition to the D&D tapestry—and if you’re a newcomer to this world, either brought in by the excitement of the new edition of the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game, or the videogames, or you’re a comic fan looking for a top-notch sword and sorcery comic... we couldn’t be happier to welcome you onboard—and you’ve picked the perfect spot to jump in.[1]


In the legendary city of Baldur's Gate, a young moon elf (and wild mage) named Delina is pursued by stone gargoyles. Casting a spell to fight these monsters, Delina inadvertently brings to life the statue of the Beloved RangerMinsc and his hamster, Boo, are back! Unfortunately, the Watch thinks Delina and Minsc are responsible for the deaths the now-smashed gargoyles caused... Running out of escape paths, the group is confronted by two mysterious strangers—thieves![2]


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GargoyleHalflingHalf-elfHumanMiniature giant space hamsterMoon Elf
Baldur's Gate: Beloved RangerUpper CityThe Wide
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Color sprayWild magic
Baldur's Gate city watch
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Council of FourPatriar

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