Leiruin was a festival held in Waterdeep as part of the Waukeentide holiday.[1][2]


The festival celebrated honest merchants. As part of the day's activities, members of the several guilds of Waterdeep renewed their memberships and paid their annual dues. Additionally, the guildmasters met the Lords of Waterdeep to keep them apprised of their charters for the coming year.[1]

During the 14th century DR, criminals charged with commercial crimes such as robbery and theft were subjected to public ridicule by being brought in front of the Palace of Waterdeep, where guild members threw nibs at them. The copper collected in this way was donated to the city.[2]


The festival was instituted to celebrate when the goddess Waukeen caught Leira trying to cheat her in an honest deal. As punishment, Waukeen buried Leira under a mountain of molten gold.[1][2]

Originally a separate holiday, Leiruin was incorporated into Waukeentide and became one of the tenday-long holiday's many festivities.[1][2]


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