Lemures (pronounced: /lɛmˈjʊərzlem-YOORZ[3] or: /lɛmˈjɔːrzlem-YORZ[3] or: /ˈlimjɜːrzLEEM-yurz[4]) were among the weakest devils. Lemures were the shock troops and laborers of the devils. The most selfish, cruel, and evil mortals that died and came to Hell become lemures.[1] The only things lower in the devilish hierarchy than lemures were nupperibos, which were strange gangly limbed bloated creatures with no minds or eyes.[citation needed]


A lemure was a hideous creature, appearing as nothing more than a man-sized blob of molten stinking flesh with a permanent expression of anguish.[1] It oozed across the ground as it moved. They stood about 5 feet tall and weighed about 100 pounds.[2]


After a mortal soul had been thoroughly tortured for an untold time, its soul was wracked with pain and infused with hatred. It was at this time that the devils then transformed the soul into one of their own. The mortal soul was corrupted with infernal power and turned into the least powerful of the devils: a lemure.[1]


These mindless fiends made up the rank-and-file of the infernal legions. They shambled forward at the command of their masters' whips, thoughtlessly slaughtering everything in their path. When not engaged in battle, lemures were left in the fiery spawning pits of Hell to torture any mortal souls that they found swimming amid the hellfire.[citation needed]

Lemures usually attacked their prey by clawing them apart. Unless a lemure was completely destroyed or told by another devil to stop, they would continue to attack.[citation needed]


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