Leopards were a species of large felines.[4]


Leopards had lithe, slender bodies with short legs. They had rosette-shaped spots, as did jaguars.[4]


Leopards attacked prey by leaping on them from above. They had very sharp claws that caused significant damage.[4]


Their powerful hindquarters allowed a leopard to jump up to 25 ft (7.6 m). They were adapt climbers and swimmers.[4]


Leopards dwelt in tropical jungles as well as forests. They could also be found living in deserts, mountains and plains. Leopards spent a good portion of their day in the treetops. They slept there and when they caught prey, they preferred to drag the prey up into the treetops to be eaten.[4] Leopards could be found living in the Forest of Amtar,[5] the Kun-Yen Shan mountains,[6] the Methwood,[7] and the jungles of Chult.[8]


Leopards were solitary creatures. They were obligate carnivores and hunted large animals such as antelopes. Leopards hunted both during the day and at night, but if they lived in an area with many humanoids, they usually only hunted at night. After mating, a female leopard gave birth to a litter of up to three cubs, who remained by their mothers side for two years.[4]

Snow LeopardEdit

Snow leopards were the main predator in the wilds of the World Pillar Mountains of Zakhara[9] and the Leopard Shan of the Hordelands.[10]


Aurora's Whole Realms Catalogue sold leopard hides for 22 gp a piece.[11]

Several features of the Realms bore the name of the great cat:



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