The Leopard Shan, or the Mountain of the Leopard, was a mountain range in the Hordelands.[2][1]

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Located east of the Howling Gap, the lone peak of the Leopard Shan stood as a prominent landmark in the Hordelands.[2]

The ruins of an old monastery, Leopard Stupa, founded by monks from Khazari, stood at the base of the peak. The monastery was once the westernmost influence of the Path of Enlightenment, and stood for several centuries, providing shelter to travelers along the Silk Road, only to be abandoned during the war between Solon and Ra-Khati. As of 1359 DR, travelers still used the ruins of the monastery for shelter, and kept them well preserved, often leaving supplies for the next traveler.[2]

An old Sempharan saying “He’s gone east of the leopard” was used to describe people who passed by the mountain while fleeing the country, usually to avoid being arrested.[2]

Though free of monsters, bandits were a known problem in the region.[2]

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The mountain was well known for the snow leopards that inhabited the upper portion of its peak.[2]

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