A lesser deity was a type of deity ranked below an intermediate deity or a greater deity. They were, however, above demigods in the ranking of powers.


A lesser deity owned all abilities of a quasi-deity and a demigod[1] including the immortality[2]

A lesser deity was completely immune to any attempt to magically imprison or banish it.[3]

Lesser Deities could inherently cast plane shift as often as they wanted.[4]

A lesser deity had even more power over its own realm. It could fill its own realm with intelligible sound and could control how the realm connected to the Astral Plane, effectively controlling how well teleportation worked on the realm.[5]

Lesser deities could take on the form of average specimen of any creature.[6]


A lesser deity had thousands to tens of thousands of followers.[7] This was a general rule of thumb. Another factor that determined a deity's status was the devoutness of the followers.[8]

They were generally servants of stronger deities. Independent ones were generally outcasts. They were the object of worship of oppressed social groups or niche groups.[9]



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