Lesser segarrans were unique servants of the savage goddess Ragarra.[1] Their transformation was achieved by a Ragarran priestess casting the spell create jungle minions if they desired the effect to be permanent, or conjure jungle minions to create a temporary lesser segarran.[2]

Crocodiles, as well as humans and humanoids, could be transformed in this manner with or without their consent. In the case of crocodiles, babies were often used.[2]


Lesser segarrans were humanoid, having the head and tail of a large crocodile on a heavily muscled frame.[1]


Lesser segarrans possessed the martial skills of average warriors, though their supernatural strength made them particularly dangerous during combat. These creatures could also attack with a savage bite.[1]

All lesser segarrans had a slight resistance to magic.[1]


Lesser segarrans were found within the Cities of the Ancients region of east Zakhara. All lesser segarrans, regardless of their previous origins, could communicate via Midani or the dead tongues of Nog and Kadar.[1]

When Ragarra's power and influence was at its height, lesser segarrans could transform into a human or humanoid form at will, allowing them to pass easily among civilization. They lost this ability with the decline of Ragarra's worship, though wise men might assume Ragarra would return this power to her minions should her influence rise again.[1]


As one might expect, lesser segarrans were ravenous carnivores. They consumed the flesh of both natural creatures and foes slain during combat. Consuming the flesh of fallen enemies was a ritual honoring Ragarra.[1]

Upon its death a lesser segarran would revert to its previous form.[1]



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