The leucrotta is a magical beast[6]; a ugly mix of a stag's body and legs, a lion's tail and a wedge shaped head much like a giant badger's.[6] They constantly emit a noxious stench and their oily skin appears, and smells, rancid. They do not actually have teeth, but rather a jagged bony ridge as strong as adamantine. Leucrottas speak Common, Draconic and Giant.[6]

Leucrotta are creatures that hunt far more than they need to eat. They have an incredible ability at mimicry, and often make the sounds of wounded humanoids to draw in unwary adventures. They hunt both alone and in packs, preferring ambushes or advantageous terrain for their attacks. Their loathsome behavior keeps them isolated in barren lands, but a large number can found in Skullport[citation needed], where they are allies of the Unseen.[citation needed] In the last four years (1368 DR to 1372 DR) unprecendented numbers of leucrottas have been seen around Silverymoon and Everlund.[7]

In 1372 DR bounties have been paid for leucrotta ears in Silverymoon and Everlund for many years.[7]


Leucrotta identify each other via their scents, which are apparently unique to every individual. The unique scent of all the members of a pack of leucrotta lingers and other leucrotta respect the areas where that scent is found as the territory of that pack. When well fed, leucrotta endeavor to create games which reward the most creative and vicious kills.

It is often debated by sages whether or not leucrotta are intelligent, or just cunning and talented due to the fact that very few intelligent species can stomach the thought of keeping any alive. The truth is that they are intelligent and even have their own 'pantheon' of gods and godesses, known as The Pack whom they worship fervently.




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