Levitate was a transmutation spell or supernatural ability that allowed the caster to move a creature or object vertically as desired.[3]

Some races native to Faerûn, such as the air genasi, had the innate ability to levitate.[8]

During the religious ceremony of the Dance of the Swirling Winds, the elven goddess Aerdrie Faenya would sometimes grant her worshipers who could not fly the power to levitate.[9]

Levitation played a key role in the drow game khaless.[10]


The caster could choose to levitate him- or herself or a creature or object within a close range. The weight of the creature or object lifted depended on the power of the caster but at a minimum, the spell could lift anything under 200 pounds. Only a willing creature could be lifted. Levitated persons or objects could be moved mentally at a speed of 200 feet per minute but only in the up or down direction.[3]

It was difficult to maintain one's balance if attempting to engage in combat while levitating.[3] If cast aboard a spelljammer, the caster floated away from the ship's gravity plane. The effect ended if the caster exited the gravitational field or air envelope of a ship or celestial body.[11]

The effects of this spell lasted for several minutes, depending on the power of the caster.[3]


Proper casting of this spell required verbal and somatic components and the use of a spell focus. The focus could be either a piece of golden wire shaped into the form of a small cup with a shank or a small loop of leather.[3]


The spell was attributed to Netherese arcanist Yturn in −1160 DR and was originally called Yturn's levitation.[1]


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