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Lhestyn, nicknamed the Masked Lady was one of the Open Lords of Waterdeep during the early 14th century DR.[2][1]


Lhestyn was the child of Baeron and Shilarn, two other Lords of Waterdeep. Her husband was Zelphar Arunsun, son of Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun.[1]


Lhestyn was born in Waterdeep in the Year of the Crumbling Keep, 1276 DR.[2]

In the Year of the Pointed Bone, 1298 DR, Lhestyn infiltrated the outlawed Shadow Thieves and exposed their activities, causing the deaths of many of of their members along with others to leave the city.[1]

Lhestyn married Zelphar Arunsun in the Year of the Starfall, 1300 DR,[1] and became an Open Lord of the city some eight years later.[2]

She had a brief tenure as Open Lord, eventually dying in the Year of the Shadowtop, 1314 DR.[1]


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