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The life domain was a deity domain that was associated with restoring or giving life to a creature, particularly one's allies if they needed healing.[1]



The life domain focused on healing the wounded and curing the sick. Clerics of this domain were able to prevent their allies becoming wounded or diseased through an array of protective spells. Clerics that had mastered this domain could even raise the dead.[2]

This domain was very important to many deities, but certain deities had a very strong interest. Such deities were Chauntea, Silvanus, and Berronar Truesilver. Chauntea, the Great Mother, respected all living beings and supported the creation of life of any kind. Silvanus, the Forest Father, mainly cared for wildlife, and would smite those that destroyed the beauty of nature. Berronar Truesilver, the Revered Mother, believed kinship between dwarves was an essential part of their lives.[1]


Life domain clerics were proficient at using heavy armor, such as plate mail, and their healing spells were more effective than that of normal clerics. When life clerics became more experienced, their weapons became infused with radiant energy, causing more damage.[2]

Novice clerics of this domain always had the bless, cure wounds, lesser restoration, and spiritual weapon spells prepared. Advanced life cleric domain spells were beacon of hope, revivify, death ward, and guardian of faith. The domain spells of master life clerics were mass cure wounds and raise dead.[2]



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