Lifeproof was a spell unique to Zakhara, the Land of Fate.[1][2]


Lifeproof safely removed a vital portion of the target's life, even through solid objects. The removed essence was called the Shadow of the Heart and was placed within a glass container or crystal. The Shadow of the Heart appeared as a transparent image of the target's heart.[1][2]

The target was able to sustain nearly any form of physical damage as long as their Shadow of the Heart remained safely within the container. The target would even function normally beyond the point of "death" when their body would normally have given up. Severe damage made the target appear as one of the undead, but the target was able to heal from this damage over time. Severed limbs functioned normally and could be reattached.[1][2]

Though immune to physical and magical harm, the target was still vulnerable to magic such as the death spell. Poison and venom could also kill the target.[1][2]

The container holding the Shadow of the Heart needed to be within sight when the spell was cast. After a successful casting, the container could be removed to any distance from the target. If the container was destroyed, the target would instantly perish.[1][2]

The only way to cancel the effects of this spell was by using a wish or limited wish, or by casting the spell's reverse: revoke lifeproof.[1][2]


This spell required a transparent crystal or glass container to cast. The container needed to have a diameter of at least 1 foot (0.3 m).[1]



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