The Light domain was a set of spells that were granted by deities whose portfolio included the aspect of light. Clerics who chose this domain were granted free access to these spells (they could cast them at any time without having to prepare them in advance).[1]

Light Domain DeitiesEdit

AmaunatorAraleth LetheranilBerronar TruesilverCorellonDarahl FirecloakEilistraeeHelmKossuthLathanderMililSegojan EarthcallerSehanine MoonbowSuneTharmekhûl

Light domain spellsEdit

1st level 
burning hands, faerie fire
2nd level 
flaming sphere, scorching ray
3rd level 
daylight, fireball
4th level 
guardian of faith, wall of fire
5th level 
flame strike, scrying

In addition, light domain clerics gained access to the following powers:[1]

Channel divinity 
radiance of the dawn