A light mace

A light mace is a simple melee weapon, much like a small club made from metal.


A light mace is little more than a metal club with flanges, knobs, or ridges of metal placed symmetrically around the head. A light mace is slightly smaller than a short sword in length but about twice the weight, with much of the weight concentrated in the head. An average light mace costs 5gp and weighs 4lbs (1.8kg).[1]

See also: Mace and Heavy mace


The mace is the natural development of the club and is made completely out of metal, making it a heavy but difficult to break weapon. This weapon is intended to be used one-handed and is simple enough for most character classes to use without any training.[2] Mounted horsemen often use maces with slightly longer hafts to reach both mounted and unmounted opponents.


The light mace was the favored weapon of the deities Amaunator[3] and Lathander, who also treated the heavy mace the same.[4]

Notable light macesEdit


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