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Light of Heavens.

Light of Heavens is a non-player character in Neverwinter Nights 2.

"This beautiful Aasimar stands tall with the confidence of one who has set their life to a higher purpose. The ghost lines of former battle wounds indicate that she is a seasoned warrior, but they do not detract from her comeliness."

History Edit

During the evacuation of Neverwinter in Act III, the Kalach-Cha encountered the Light of Heavens in the Merchant's District, where the deva tried to get a feel for now-Knight-Captain of Crossroad Keep. She challenged the PC to a duel to test his/her resolve in the fight against the shadows. When the Kalach-Cha beat her, she leaves, but not before telling the PC that she will challenge him/her two more times.

The Kalach-Cha and companions next encountered Light of Heavens at Port Llast, where she revealed how she got the name "Light of Heavens". When she was born, the priests that delivered her exclaimed "light of heavens" (for reasons not revealed), and they decided to name her that. She then challenged the Kalach-Cha again, this time using a larger portion of her strength. Again, the Kalach-Cha defeated her.

Light of Heavens then made her way to Crossroad Keep. There she challenged the Kalach-Cha again, this time at full strength; again, the hero bested her. Impressed, Light of Heavens offered her services as a sergeant in the Greycloaks.

Joy the dancer, Light of Heavens' twin can be recruited before or after recruiting her. Both sisters were raised by priests of Lathander and are determined to bring happiness and light to Faerûn. However their methods of doing so were radically different: Joy decided that dancing was the best way to bring happiness to people, and became a traveling minstrel, while Light of Heavens, believing that fighting evil wherever it could be found was the best way, swore an oath to serve as a Knight of Lathander.

Storm of ZehirEdit

Light of Heavens can be encountered on the overland map in the expansion pack Storm of Zehir, where she will offer to spar with the PC. Evidently she left the Greycloaks following the King of Shadows' defeat.