Light pellets,[1] also called daylight pellets,[3] were magic items devised by drow to fight others of their kind.[1] A stronger version called sun flash pellets existed too.[4]


Light pellets's creation process was to take a small piece of material like glass, rock crystal, or something else, have a cleric cast continual light on it, coat it with fat or grease, roll the coated thing in clay, and then bake it hard. They were collected and stored in pouches. One pouch held three to twelve of them.[1] A daylight spell could be used to craft them too. Sun flash pellets were created using the exact same process except for the daylight spell; a sunburst spell was needed instead. Because those were very precious, they were stored one by one.[2]


Light pellets had to be thrown to the ground to be used. On impact with the ground, they broke and blinding light,[1] like a daylight spell,[3] was unleashed. "Blinding" was not in the figurative sense but in the literal sense. Drow who saw the light were blinded for two to five minutes. Users of the magic item averted this effect by masking or hooding themselves or by being trained in blind-fighting.[1]

When it came to the sun flash pellets, the light was actually harmful to creatures like vampires because the unleashed light was that of a sunburst spell.[4]


Light pellets were invented by drow at some point before the 14th century DR with the intent to be used against other drow.[1]


They were treated like special weapons and stored with special care by the nobles.[1]



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