Lightning bolt was an evocation spell that caused arcs of lightning to emanate from the caster's fingertips.


The searing bolt of electricity traveled in a straight line emanating from the caster.[4] Older versions of this spell struck all in its path,[6][7] while newer versions were aimed at a particular creature and then, with skill, could be forked to hit one or two other creatures.[3]

The bolt from the older versions was powerful enough to blast a wooden door to cinders, set fire to combustible materials, splinter a hand-depth of stone, or melt soft metals such as gold, silver, copper, lead, or bronze.[4][6][7][10]


The pre-Spellplague and post-Second Sundering versions of this spell required verbal, somatic, and material components including a tuft of fur and a small rod made of amber, crystal, or glass.[4][6][7][10][2]

To inscribe this spell on a magic scroll, arcane scribes often used ink made from the horn of a behir.[11]


The spell was attributed to the Netherese arcanist Volhm in −1968 DR and was originally called Volhm's bolt.[1]

Notable usesEdit

The wizard Parwyyd Hanifar used a forked version of lightning bolt to blast a number of kenkus and gargoyles in aerial combat in 1357 DR.[12]

The following year, during the Time of Troubles, a false avatar of Selûne cast lightning bolt at Kyriani in the kitchen of Castle Waterdeep, but the bolts were caught and reflected by pots and pans.[13]

In 1362 DR a harper wizard Brenna Graycloak was able to cast a version of a lightning bolt in a fray of battling a darkenbeast using sulfur as a component.[14]


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