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Lilitus were tanar'ri demons born from the ashes of succubi who had sacrificed their lives to corrupt and destroy holy congregations.[1]


Lilitus had the general form of a beautiful mortal woman, standing around 6 feet (1.8 meters) tall and weighing around 125 pounds (56.7 kilograms). They did, however, have many features that marked them as demonic, including taloned hands, cloven hooves for feet, and four tails tipped with poisonous stingers that were each 10 feet (3 meters) long. Their eyes were white and vacant. The wings they had as succubi were destroyed during their transformation and hung tattered and burned on their backs.[1]

While on the Material Plane, lilitus often used their innate magic to cloak themselves in the illusion of an attractive mortal woman, usually one involved in the local religious community.[1]


Lilitus had many innate magical abilities that they could use at will, including the ability to charm monsters, detect thoughts, detect good creatures, fly, teleport, make a magical suggestion, and speak any language. Unlike succubi, they could not physically change their forms. However, they could create an illusion to disguise themselves indefinitely, and when doing so they were imperceptible to magic that would detect their evil nature, even being affected by spells that aided good creatures as if they truly were. They also had access to divine magic from the Demonic domain and Trickery domain, though they could not rebuke or turn undead unless they actually became clerics. Once a day, they could dominate a person, create a powerful symbol of persuasion, and rapidly make a magical suggestion.[1]

Lilitus knew a small amount of Dark Speech and could speak it to charm or frighten enemies, empower their spells and magical items, weaken the physical structure of objects, and control swarms of vermin, though doing so was damaging to the speaker.[1]

A lilitu could endow a willing or helpless creature with her mark, which made the creature more charismatic and more resistant to damaging effects. The lilitu would hide the mark somewhere on the creature's body where it could not see it, and for the next 24 hours the demon knew exactly where the creature was and its physical condition, as well as being able to communicate with it telepathically regardless of distance or planar location. If the lilitu focused on the creature, she could even view the world through the marked creature's senses. While marked by a lilitu, a creature radiated chaotic energy.[1]

Lilitus had the standard tanar'ri immunities to electricity and poison and resistances to acid, cold, and fire, but were particularly vulnerable to divine magic as a result of their heretical natures.[1]


Lilitus reveled in and subsisted on the corruption of priests and their faithful from within the fold. They were known to be incredibly sly, and they retained the seductive charms of a succubus.[1]

While lilitus worked well with most other demons, they despised other lilitus, viewing them as competition even when they served the same masters. They would regularly abandon all other plans simply to ruin the plans of another lilitu, with the ultimate goal of destroying her. Succubi were viewed with similar dislike and suspicion, since they could become lilitu as well if they wished to. Lilitu would even hire goodly mortal adventurers to destroying succubi, taking pleasure in the irony of the situation.[1]


Lilitus preferred not to engage in combat at all, but when they did so they would have their corrupted minions defend them while they struck from a distance or supported their allies with their magic. They would try to disarm their attackers with magical suggestions, particularly targeting clerics, paladins, and other divine spellcasters who could do them severe damage. If forced into physical combat, they would reveal their true form and fight with their claws and tails.[1]


Lilitus were quite literally born to corrupt religious groups. A lilitu was created when a succubus had fooled a congregation that believed itself to be worshiping a good deity into worshiping a demonic power. She would then perform a hedonistic ritual that opened a portal to the deepest levels of the Abyss, releasing a blast of fire that consumed the congregation, their church, and the succubus herself. From the ashes, a lilitu would rise.[1]

As lilitus generally found each other incredibly annoying and actively sabotaged or attacked each other at every given opportunity, they shared little in the way of culture. Lilitus would spend a great amount of time with other demons however, especially enjoying those who held great ambition like they did. Glabrezus were their favorite companions.[1]

Lilitus spent a great deal of time on the Material Plane corrupting churches into demonic cults, moving between their conquests by teleportation. After proving their worth to demon lords, they could attain roles as demonic diplomats, spies, and assassins.[1]

Lilitus commonly expanded upon their ability to cast divine spells by becoming true clerics of Graz'zt or Malcanthet, but many became skilled sorcerers, bards, and mystic theurges.[1]

Notable Lilitus[]

  • Lavendeth: a lilitu high priestess of Graz'zt in the city of Zelatar.[2][3]
  • The Radiant Sisters: a group of thirteen lilitu bards serving Malcanthet, notable for being incredibly loyal and not fighting among themselves[4]