Linal Alprin was the harbormaster of the city of Tantras in the Vast during the Time of Troubles.


Alprin was a good man and an efficient city worker, married to Moira. However, in 1358, he sensed that something was bad in the high spheres of the city's council and the church of the god Torm beause one of his friends, who had asked too many questions, disappeared in the night. Alprin lived in fear that he would meet the same end.

Later, Alprin met and befriend the hero Kelemvor Lyonsbane, just arrived in the city searching for the Tablets of Fate. He gave a lot of information to Kelemvor and hinted about his suspicions.[1]

When Kelemvor came back to his house, he found Alprin and his wife dead with their house in flames.[2]




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