Lions were powerful feline predators that traveled and hunted in large groups, known as prides. Male lions had large manes of golden fur. They were responsible for defending the pride against any attackers. Female lions, who had no manes, were the hunters of the pride. They used group tactics to hunt and provide food for the entire pride.[citation needed]


A male lion was 5 to 8 feet long and weighed 330 to 550 pounds. Females were slightly smaller.[2]


Among other places, wild lion prides were found in the wild grasslands surrounding the ancient city of Cursrah in the area that would later become the Calim Desert.[3]


The symbol of a lion was used in heraldry across the Realms. It was used in organization names, such as the Army of the Lion of Aglarond[4]) and the Tribe of the Black Lion of Beorunna's Well[5]). The golden lion served as the currency of Cormyr.[6]

Numerous locations in Faerûn were named after lions:

Nobanion was considered the deity of lions.[11]


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  • These animals were about thirty percent larger than the standard lion, and had a speckled outer coat. They roamed the plains and hills of the land, and exhibited similar form and behavior as other lions.[12]


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